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Paul Merritt - Registered Independent Voter

California, let's make history!  
Elect an independent thinker. Elect the person, not the party!
Our national government is in shambles.
We need a strong defense for the United States.  Paul Merritt is solid on international issues.
Paul Merritt believes in Faith, and respects all people and all religions.
Paul Merritt supports Senator Feinstein's border security fence, no offshore oil drilling, and will protect the environment with the California Desert Protection Act.
Paul Merritt firmly believes in President Ronald Reagan's vision for a small government.
Paul Merritt has held two law degrees, and has experience as a broker, a hotel owner, and an elected city councilperson.
He has experience on homeowner boards in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Orange County.
He is a life member of the Nature Conservancy.

Remember: Most "Billionaire Republicans" and "Union Boss Democrats" don't represent you!
Paul Merritt is Independent for all Citizens. and Paul Merritt is a Californian!

Declaration dated 2/08/2016
I, Paul Merritt attest the above Statement for Election is true and correct, under penalty of perjury by the Laws of the United States of America, and the Laws of the State of California.

By Paul Merritt candidate for U.S. SENATOR of California